Ruisbestuiving —i.e. xenogamy, with a word game in Dutch— was a project of
The concept was simple: locked up 2 Belgian bands who never played together in their studio. The only way to get out was by making a spiffy new song.
Simultaneously, they asked 400 designers and artists to create each a unique LP cover. The LP’s were exhibited and then sold (in a blank bag so you bought a random design!) during the release concert on 3 September 2011 at DOK, Gent, Belgium.

LP cover Ruisbestuiving #24 was my design and looked like this. The concept is explained below.

front / rear


Concept and text on the LP front side

I have taken the concept ‘Ruisbestuiving’ to a larger level, since it immediately shortcutted in my head and heart to all ‘xenogamic’ issues happening in the world this year. Tunesia inflamed Egypt inflamed Spain inflamed Syria and Lybia, Yemen, Iran, Israel, Qatar, Bahrain, even England, and more. Though reasons, roots, outcome and level of danger, violence and consequences are very different, the world is sparking with revolutions of many kinds, including at levels like gender and sexuality.
My LP cover includes parts of Anonymous’ Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution and can be used as a mask to protect your identity (though obviously it won’t hold long in the real thing =’-]. It also includes ninja Naruto’s Rinnegan eye power, the ripple-like pattern around the pupil. [*]

[*] “It was said that in times when the world is in disorder, a person is sent down from the heavens to become either a ‘God of Creation’ who will calm the world, or a ‘Destroyer’ who reduce everything to nothing. It also allows the user to use all of the six paths techniques as well as control the seventh path – who is ‘beyond life and death’.” © Narutopedia