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Meeting a young, beached whale. Once living, now a massive lump of solid, cold, yet still flexible rubber-like tissue. The hoards of people had long gone. Only a handful were hanging around. After that, it was just me and him and the full moon. Silent, humbling.  

No room but a view

During twelve months, each time around full moon, I spent one night with a group of homeless people at the main railway station of Ghent, mainly listening, talking, watching, laughing, walking, sitting, learning, and photographing. And eventually —sometimes— briefly sleeping as well. What came out was fascinating and stunning, for living outside, without a room of […]

Just push your way through

A pebbled garden. Blueish shrubs. Wind. A black house. Yellow window frames. A distant sea. A voice over of a woman. A blond woman. Tilda Swinton, hands in her pockets, silently caresses wooden poles in the garden. Titles. That’s how ‘Derek’ starts. Then all of a sudden, we’re inside the wooden house. My heart missed […]

Outside the box

Jump start 1 to a personal, imaginary quest for order and chaos within adult friends diagnosed with ADhD (Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder).     Concept, photographs, graphic design and most texts: Trui Hanoulle, June 2011. [the photographs and texts appear in a printed booklet and a pdf which was the final way to present this work: graphic-design/outside-the-box. Teacher […]