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Photographs & texts : Sébastien Van Malleghem Graphic Design : Trui Hanoulle ISBN : 979-10-92265-31-6 André Frère Éditions Printed in July 2015 208 pages / 95 duotone images / Hardcover / 21 x 25,8 cm French / English € 39,50   Book trailer Prisons (made for crowdfunding of the book production)


Meeting a young, beached whale. Once living, now a massive lump of solid, cold, yet still flexible rubber-like tissue. The hoards of people had long gone. Only a handful were hanging around. After that, it was just me and him and the full moon. Silent, humbling.  


Two great friends gave me, darn lucky bastard that I am, this extra opportunity to register my world. As a wanderer always on the go, be it close or far, iPhone + instagram became my second nature. This is what it looks like, some days, some nights.

biography and cv

photographer – graphic designer – teacher – story teller – art lover & lover – traveller – motorbiker – queer – Eurasia/Soviet-o-phile – bon vivant – #elektrogirl Work experience freelance photographer / focus on documentary projects, reportage and portraits (home base Belgium; always eager to work abroad) freelance graphic designer / focus on (photo)book design, […]


A selection of my still and moving images : no room but a view Moonfish Queer tango in Istanbul portraits Istanbul adopteert pinguïn iMagines Crisis aan de Middellandse Zee / Crisis at the Mediterranean OKAN-school outside the box short videos